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Who We Are

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CETA is an all-volunteer, pro-transit, non-partisan, non-profit citizens organization. Our mission is to support and advocate for accountable public transportation governance and investments that grow transit, vanpool, and carpool ridership throughout the Puget Sound region in the most cost-effective way.

We are individuals from around the Region who have joined to publicize the problems with Sound Transit's light rail proposal and to work for more cost-effective transportation solutions we could be putting in place now. We are an all-volunteer organization.

We are looking for improvements in our existing system of buses, vanpools, HOV lanes and ferries that provide more mobility benefits for the money than light rail.

Membership is open to anyone who wants to help develop and distribute accurate information.  Any amount of involvement is welcome.  We work in teams on an informal basis.

Members come from all political, geographic, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.  Some show up for meetings on their bikes, in carpools, by bus, on foot and by car. 

Many members are in the transportation/transit  field.  (See our Technical Advisory Team bios.) Some have engineering backgrounds, others are transportation users or simply want to make our traffic situation better.

Many members were once avid supporters of Sound Transit's light rail for Seattle.

We welcome dialogue with our elected officials and government agency staff.

Supporters to Date

James Alls, engineer, concerned citizen
Robert Allyn
Jean Amick
Scott Amick, N. Seattle resident and construction engineer
Gene Baker, senior citizen taxpayer
Scott Barrett
Steven Berry, transit advocate concerned about cost of Link
Bill Binford, developer, concerned citizen
Martin K. Bisch, Law Enforcement Officer
Cal Boyle, transit advocate
William Breen, Software Engineer
Neal Brenard, concerned citizen
Ed Brighton
John Bruns, Mercer Island
Emory Bundy
Elizabeth Campbell
Annalee Cobbett
Gregory Cody, attorney, transit advocate, concerned citizen
Kaye Counce, concerned citizen
Cathy Dampier, concerned citizen
Eric Dick
Jim DiPeso
Brian Doennebrink, Shoreline, bus rider,
     Chair the City of Shoreline Planning Commission
Raydean Draper
Rob Dunn
Mark Early
Amy Ellingson, a realistic optimist
Dale Erickson, small business operator
Dave Erickson, monorail and transit bus advocate
Miles Erickson
Carl Ferguson, high school student, bus rider
Dick Fike
Maggie Fimia, Shoreline, bus rider, former County Councilmember
Chelsea Fimia-Moe, student, concerned citizen
Robert M. Fleming Jr.
John Flynn, citizen
Angela Ford, bus rider and concerned citizen
Bess Foulke, furniture builder/repairer
Thom French, bus rider, concerned citizen
Bob Gale, Seattle
Dennis Gathard
Adam Garrison, WWU student
Raymond V. Gessel, Attorney at Law
Jeff Gordon
Erik Hadland, Seattle, bus rider, monorail supporter
Richard Duane Hadley, concerned citizen
Richard Harkness, Ph.D, Urban Systems Planning
Ida Hawkins
Thomas Hayward, representing 1223 Spring St. Condominium
     on First Hill
Jeff Herman
Ruel Howard, concerned citizen
Richard H Hoyt, retired concerned citizen against waste
Eric Huber
Ted Hannum, concerned citizen
Chris Karnes, concerned citizen
Albert Kaufman
Loren Kelley
Young Ho Kim, bus rider and voter
Alan Kiest, Lake Forest Park City Councilmember
Will Knedlik, Managing Director of Multiple Gain Solutions
Mas M Koba, concerned citizen
Shawn Koch, opposed to link light rail
Ruth Korkowski, Secretary of Save Our Valley,
Member of the King County Transit Advisory Committee
George Kresovich
John Kropf
Ron Lamb
Daniel LaVassar, Transit Advocate/Monorail Supporter
Eddie Y. Lee, concerned citizen
Arthur Lewellan, LRT advocates agree: LINK poorly engineered!
Janell Lewis, college student supporting transit
Craig Mayberry
Jim McCauley, I do not support light rail, and further spending
     for Sound Transit
Art McDonell
Brent McFarlane, concerned citizen
Jim MacIsaac
Richard MacMillen
Mark Madigan, MUP-Transportation Planning
George Mauer
David Maymudes
Mark Mayor
Rick Mead
Paul H. Meyer
Timothy Michalowski, Graduate Student Urban Planning
Maury Miller, avid bus rider
Richard Morrill Ph.D
Jim Muller, Seattle - Tacoma commuter
Susana Musi, Seattle
Roy Nakadegawa P.E. - Elected 32 yr. Transit Board Member;
     Transit Advocate; Retired City Traffic Engineer
Tom Nanevicz, bus rider, monorail advocate
Bruce Newman, Transportation Engineer
John Niles
John Oberholtzer, taxpayer
Janet Oliver, bus rider, transit advocate, concerned citizen
Alexander Olson, student
Jim Olson, business owner
Kevin Orme, Friends of the Monorail
William E. Owen, Owen Transit Group, Inc.
David Paeth, BSEE
Virginia M. Paulsen
Tara Peattie
John D Peter, Friends of the Monorail
Keith R Peterson, concerned citizen
Deborah Phillips, bus rider, concerned citizen
Barbara Phinney, concerned citizen
Chuck Pliske, West Seattle, concerned citizen and small
     business owner
Gary Powell, concerned bus riding citizen
Terry Pratt, I don't believe Ron Sims
Alan Rabinowitz, city-regional planner-economist
Al Rasmussen, Seattle, public transportation devotee
Justin Regis, concerned citizen
Rick Rice, bus rider
Craig Rhodes, concerned taxpayer
Cindy Ryu, concerned citizen
Paul Schafer, bus rider, Beacon Hill resident
Jerry Schneider, Ph.D
James Scranton, bus rider
Brinda Sengupta, urban designer
Joe Shapiro
Councilmember Guy Spencer, Normandy Park
Sean Stampley, transit advocate
Ron Stanek, librarian, concerned citizen
Ed Sterner, Lake Forest Park City Council Member
Louise Strander
David Sucher
Michael Sullivan, mechanical engineer
David Sutton, estimator engineer, project manager, concerned
     citizen, UW student
Krista Swain, attorney
Craig Thompson, Vice President, North Beacon Hill Council
Douglas Tooley
Bing Tso, bus rider, bike commuter, and Beacon Hill resident
Dennis Waltner, concerned citizen
Galen Ward
Salaha Warsi-Brighton PhD
Paul Wehrle, VanPool driver/rider and fiscal conservative
Mike Weidler
John Weymer, concerned citizen
Tobey Wilkins, concerned taxpayer and businessman
Jean-Paul Willynck, high school student, bus rider
Robert K. Wilson
Jan C Winn, concerned citizen
Taylor Wu, transit advocate and concerned citizen

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