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Comments on North Link DSEIS

January 30, 2004

Mr. Irish

The North Link DSEIS is seriously deficient by not disclosing the cost estimates and funding program for the project. Those estimates are essential for determining the acceptance of and ability to implement the proposed project. In December 2000 Sound Transit released a detailed cost estimate for constructing what was then called MOS-1 -- Central Link from Lander to the U-District. That cost estimate was $2.6 billion of which about $2.1 billion was for the portion from CPS to U-District. The DSEIS for North Link carries that same alignment as one of the current alternatives. Surely after three more years of study and preliminary design an update of the cost estimate for that alternative could be disclosed. And based on that estimate, a more specific funding program, or alternative programs, could be offered in the FSEIS.

Most likely the North Link project will need to include a major increase in local taxes as part of its funding program. That would require a vote and approval by the taxpayers. If a tax increase is not supported, North Link may never be constructed. That makes Initial Segment totally ineffective as part of a "regional" rail program, and it is not too late to stop its construction. It is essential that the North Link FSEIS provide the financial information necessary for decision-making by the ST Board and the voting public. It is critical to the future of Central Link and should not be concealed by Sound Transit.


James W. MacIsaac
Bellevue, WA

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