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Trust Not

March 8, 2004

While under Ron Sims so called "leadership" Sound Transit struck still another blow against common sense, the taxpayers, and anyone stuck in traffic. This time Sound Transit chose to ignore a State Law saying an agency can't build a project substantially different from what the public approved, without a revote. Worse yet, the State Supreme Court, in a split decision, let them get away with it. The court, ignoring the spirit of the law, said that what Sound Transit loudly promised in all those public meetings back before the vote in 1996 --21 miles of light rail from the U district to the airport by 2006-- really didn't mean anything since the voters should have obtained a copy of Resolution 75 and realized those promises weren't binding.

Is it any wonder people don't trust government? Beside this latest transgression, Sound Transit claimed-- in the 1996 voters brochure -- that their cost estimate was "very conservative" only to admit later they were short a $billion or so. Next, voters repealed the car tabs but Sound Transit lawyers found some technicality and brazenly continue to collect it anyway. Now Sound Transit tries to highjack the new Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID) for additional light rail money while the viaduct goes begging. Yet worst of all has been Sound Transit's consistent refusal since day-one to consider alternatives like Bus Rapid Transit, that would accomplish more and cost less.

So next time you consider some bond issue assume you're writing a blank check and what the sponsors promised is just bait for the gullible. Sound Transit and the Supreme Court have shown why to "Trust Not".

Richard Harkness

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