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We Can Go Faster, Further, Sooner and Safer
By Building on What Works Best For Our Region

Bus Rapid Transit, Curitiba, Brazil
Bus Rapid Transit, Curitiba, Brazil

Expand bus service and finish the HOV system

  • Increase geographic coverage, frequency, speed and comfort through Bus Rapid Transit technology:
  • Newer buses use clean diesel and electric technology.
  • More like light rail with fewer stops, large windows, low floors.
  • Affordable enough to provide more service to all major areas of Puget Sound.
  • Flexible enough to travel to transit centers, neighborhoods and park and ride lots.
  • Can carry as many people as light rail - even into the future.
  • Metro buses are carrying more people now than rail will carry by 2020.
  • Stop building light rail after the line to SeaTac Airport is complete.
  • Evaluate how well light rail works with buses and trains intermixed in the downtown Seattle transit tunnel starting in 2009.
  • Maintain option to have the tunnel revert to all-bus operation if line is not funded to continue northward.
  • Report on specific BRT improvements that could be funded instead of light rail.
  • Accelerate, implement, and evaluate King County Metro's RapidRide BRT program.
  • Implement and evaluate Community Transit's Swift BRT program in Snohomish County.
  • Develop options to re-program Sound Transit resources to expanding BRT.

High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes

  • Equivalent to selling available empty space on HOV lanes to SOV drivers who are willing to pay a toll for mobility.
  • Lanes remain free for HOVs and transit; entry price to the lanes for single drivers would be changed as needed minute-by-minute to maintain freeflow
  • Time- and place-sensitive variable pricing efficiently allocates user demand for crowded road space.
  • Electronic toll collection eliminates slowdown of toll plazas
  • Translates demand for fast, reliable mobility into a revenue source.
  • Consider converting the I-90 center roadway across Lake Washington into HOT/HOV service.
  • Consider converting the I-5 express lanes north of Seattle CBD into two-way HOT/HOV service.

Expand Vanpools

  • We already have the largest and most successful vanpool program in the country.
  • Vanpools remove more than 11,000 commuter vehicles/day from our region's roads.
  • We could remove tens of thousands more with rideshare program expansion, including better marketing and technical support.
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